Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jesus Christ is alive!

I mentioned this in the latest Western Word... Why don't we start baking a big birthday cake for our yearly Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration (aka Christmas) and have a big celebration at church. Be sure to make it a very good tasting cake, so that no one will gripe. Be sure to put 33 candles on it. Explain why. Everyone, who loves Jesus, will love celebrating His birthday.

You could do this as an evangelistic emphasis in church. You could add: "Jesus wants to invite you to not only His birthday party, but to put your faith in Him completely and follow Him. He died for you. He rose from the dead for you. Will you accept Him and His invitation today?" Be sure to explain just how upset the heavenly Father (Jesus' Daddy) is going to be, if they turn down His the invitation to His Son's party (see Matthew 22).

If no one in your church knows how to bake a good-tasting cake (some of our churches with younger memberships might have this problem), then go to Publix and order one. Make sure it says "Happy Birthday Jesus!" and make sure it has 33 candles. You can even explain it all to the folks working at Publix. (or Kroger, or Food Lion, or Wal-Mart, etc.)

Let's start this new tradition. Like I wrote in the Western Word, I'm sure that this would please our heavenly Father.

I pray that you and your family experience all the blessings of our Lord during this celebration of His birth. Happy Birthday, Jesus, Celebration to one and all!

Growing Together for His Glory!
Bro. Wayne

  • Dec. 21 No Ministers' Meeting
  • Dec. 23-25 WBA office closed
  • Dec. 25 Happy Birthday Jesus!
  • Dec. 28 No Ministers' Meeting
  • Dec. 30-31 WBA office closed
  • Jan. 1 Happy New Year!
- 2010 -
  • Jan. 4 Ministers' Meeting at 11:00 AM WBA building.
  • Jan. 8-9 Disaster Relief Phase I Training. Royal BC. This is an official state-wide GBC training event. Register Online (Deadline in Jan. 1 !) at: www.gbcdisasterrelief.org
  • Jan. 11 Ministers' Meeting at 11:00 AM WBA building.
  • Jan. 12 (Tuesday) Western Baptist Bible Institute classes begin. Dr. Paul Dennis, professor. Rev. Ken Norton, dean. Course: Formation of Ministry. Cost: $190 (includes books).
  • Jan. 18 Ministers' Meeting at 11:00 AM WBA building.
  • Jan. 22-23 “Chainsaw School” Disaster Relief Training at Rockridge Baptist Assembly, Franklin, Ga. (Phase I Training required!). Register Online (Deadline is Jan. 15 !) at: www.gbcdisasterrelief.org
  • Jan. 25 Ministers Meeting. 11:00 AM WBA building. Vicki Hale (Coweta County Pregnancy Services) will present program.
  • Jan. 26 “How to have a winning Sunday School” area-wide conference at Royal BC. 6:30-8:30 pm.
  • Feb. 8 Super Evangelism Conference at Northside BC. 7:00-8:30 pm (Same conference at each location)
  • Feb. 9 Super Evangelism Conference at FBC Moreland 7:00-8:30 pm(Same conference at each location)
  • Feb. 26 VBS “Early bird” Directors meeting. 7:00 pm TBA
  • March 2 WMU Spring Inspiration. 6:30 pm First Baptist Church, Newnan
  • March 20 WBA - VBS Team attends VBS Regional training clinic at FBC Cartersville, Ga.
  • April 15 (Thursday Night!) Executive Committee meeting. WBA building. 7:00 pm
  • April 20 Annual Spring Meeting. Living Proof Baptist Church 6:00 pm
  • April 23 WBAssociational VBS clinic. Royal BC. 6:30-8:30 pm

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