Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jesus Christ at Summer Camp

Children's Camp is one of the best things we do as the Western Baptist Association each year. Dr. Paul Dennis (pastor at Royal BC) did another great job leading the camp, which ministered to 100 children age 9-12. Some of the campers invited Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives as Savior and Lord! Amen! Becoming and growing as Christians is what the time is all about.

There were a great bunch of folks helping as counselors and workers this year from several different churches. It was hard to believe, but Brother Jimmy Evans (pastor of Bethlehem BC) braved the entire time in the boys dorm and Ann Slaton (children ministries at Unity BC) survived staying with the girls. There were approx. 25 counselors in all...and all are very much appreciated.

Campers came from the following churches: Royal, Bethlehem, Unity, Luthersville, FBC Moreland, East Newnan, Macedonia, Northside, Pleasant Hill (Coweta), Rehoboth, Providence, Grantville FBC, Oak Lawn, New Lebanon, Fellowship, Franklin FBC, Sharpsburg, Centralhatchee, Dykes Creek, Crossroads and First United Methodist,

Our camp Rockridge (west of Franklin, Ga. on Hwy 100) is getting better and better. Director David Jackson has worked very hard to make everything enjoyable. And the food was awesome.
Also those, who helped serve as camp staff were always smiling and happy...and that after 10 weeks of summer camp...

only Jesus Christ can make someone stay happy after 10 weeks of camp!

My special thanks goes to Mrs. Bobbie Dye, who helped out the whole time as a missions volunteer helper. She helped set up, clean up and straighten up each day from dawn to night.

If you have not been out to Rockridge lately, you need to go...

Growing together for His glory!
Bro. Wayne



  1. My son had a fantastic time at camp this year and is excited about going again next summer! Thanks to all who gave their time and energy to make Camp Rockridge a success!

    Blessings to All!!

  2. Hi! I just happened upon your blog as I was Goggling Pastor Dennis. You may already know this, but I thought I would share just in case. Pastor Paul is at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta having surgery this morning for malignant melanoma - unknown stage. We are trying to rally all the prayer warriors out there to intercede on his behalf.

    Hope you are having a wonderfully blessed day!

    Teresa <><

    Crossroads Baptist Church (Former member of Macedonia Baptist Church - my 3 daughters went to Camp Rockridge every year they could go and loved every minute of it!)

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥