Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jesus Christ is Lord!

the Gat
hering...oooh, it is a gettin' close now!!

Everybody involved with the Gathering must determine to:
1) intensely pray for each other for protection, guidance, wisdom of God - especially for those directly involved in the program (preacher, music, testimonies, counselors, security, etc. - all the time!
2) keep any and all negative opinions to themselves! There will be plenty of time for evaluation after the event!
3) spend quality time with their families, i.e. pray for the Gathering with spouses & children!
4) smile a lot!
5) hand out all invitations and put up all posters!
6) wear that black "the Gathering" T-Shirt in public, especially where young folks gather!
7) plan to pick up and bring lost teenagers to the meeting!
8) volunteer to be involved in "Follow Up" efforts on Sunday & Monday following the Gathering.
9) eat right, go to bed early each night, turn off the TV, don't watch or go to some ol' nasty movie - exception: you can watch Fireproof again!
10) read 1 Corinthians chapter 1!
11) attempt to share Christ with someone this week!
12) praise the Lord, for He is good and His Kingdom is everlasting!

Amen?! Amen.

UPCOMING in the WBA...

- Counselor Training for the Gathering (repeat for those who weren't at the 1st training session) Tuesday night, August 25, 7:00 PM at Royal Baptist Church

- PRAYER ON THE SQUARE for "the Gathering". Everyone is invited! Wear your T-shirt!! Friday night, August 21, beginning at 9:00 PM on the square in downtown Newnan.

- "the GATHERING" youth crusade, Saturday, August 29, begins at 5:00 PM!!
Set up TEAMS need to arrive before 6:00 AM that morning.

- REVIVAL at Rehoboth BC, Sept. 6-10. Dr. Joe Bufford (Jackson, Ga.) preaching.

- Monday NIGHT Ministers Meeting at Camp ROCKRIDGE, Monday, Sept 14.
Come ride the bus from Royal BC (leaves at 6:00 PM). Dinner ($6.00) is at 7:00 PM. Special speaker is Rev. Scott Hannah (FBC Franklin). This night meeting is planned so our Bi-vocational ministers also have a chance to attend.
WE NEED to know by Friday, Sept. 11, if you are coming, so David Jackson can prepare for the meal.

- Minister's Wives Fellowship with special guest speaker Marilyn Blackaby. Saturday, Sept. 26, 1:00 - 3:00 PM At WBA building. "An afternoon of spiritual refreshment without the kids!" Please call and let us know (770-253-2118) if you can attend.

- MEN'S PRAYER BREAKFAST, Sat. Oct 17 at Orchard Hills BC with DAVID BARTON, who appeared recently on "HUCKABEE" (FOX) and is an expert on the faith of the founding fathers of the USA! You DO NOT want to miss this. Begins at 8:00 AM!!

- Annual Fall Meeting, Tuesday, Oct 20
at Southcrest BC in Newnan. Begins at 4:45 with a great meal (catered by Golden's on the Square). Great music! Special speakers are Dr. J. Robert White (GBC) and Rev. Mike Barnes (Rehoboth BC). Each WBA church is encouraged to send their full slate of messengers!
* Remember that the Executive Committee will meet Monday night, October 19 at 7:00 PM at the WBA building.

Hopefully this blog will help us stay informed, share ideas & connect, so that we can continue...

Growing Together for His Glory!
Bro. Wayne

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