Monday, September 21, 2009

Jesus Christ is Lord!

Just this morning (Monday, Sept 21) I shared at our Monday morning ministers' meeting, that we would be discussing next Monday (Sept 28) Thomas Wolf's concept of "The Univeral Disciple". I presented his basic outline as a "commercial" today. I hope you can join us next Monday morning at 11:00 AM, here at the WBA building.

Jesus commanded us to "make disciples" (Matthew 28,19).

We must assume that:
1) Jesus really wants us to set "making disciples" as a top priority!
2) that there is a right way, an effective way of making disciples
It must be possible! This ought to give us hope!

I am convinced that effective, intentional, bible-based disciple making is the solution to everything that ails our churches today. The reason we don't have church members, who consistently and intentionally pray, study God's Word, witness, give, go and serve, is because we have not been serious about making effective disciples out of new believers.

Too many churches are struggling or are dying out today, because they spent the past years focused on a plethora of "good things", but have neglected or ignored making men and women, boys and girls into willing, effective disciples of our Lord Jesus.

We have been serious about building buildings, holding worship services, having a Sunday School program, and every other kind of program, increasing church staff, taking our youth on really neat trips and discussing favorite music/worship styles. We do a pretty good job of promoting revivals, but a not-so-good job of follow-up (usually). Follow-up is hard. Follow-up takes time. Follow-up is where disciple-making begins.

If our past, official church methods of disciple-making have not produced effective disciples, then we must change our methods...NOW! The good news is that we can change our methods of disciple-making!!!

Here is an idea! Why not "assign" new believers to "seasoned, trained, effective" disciples, who will regularly (i.e. daily), intentionally walk with them in the first days, weeks and months of their new life? And then report back to the church discipleship team on the progress being made? The goal is to make the new believer into a disciple, who will be able to walk with and train other new believers. (2 Timothy 2:2) Only effective disciples should be allowed to train new believers. You wouldn't let just anyone take care of your new-born child, would you?

If your church doesn't have any "seasoned, trained, effective" disciples, then get busy making disciples now! As Louisi always hollers ("Snuffy Smith" cartoon), "time's a wastin'!"

We can't go back and change the past! And griping or making excuses doesn't do any good, either. We can only determine to follow the command of our Lord Jesus, make disciples and continue...

Growing Together for His Glory!
Bro. Wayne

Upcoming Events in the WBA...

Minister's Wives Fellowship with special guest speaker Marilyn Blackaby. Saturday, Sept. 26, 1:00 - 3:00 PM At WBA building. "An afternoon of spiritual refreshment without the kids!"

We have 17 minister's wives registered to come and have space for 3 more. Call us (770-253-2118) by Wednesday at 12:00 noon if you plan to come...last chance!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 5... Stuart Lang from the GBC will speak to our Monday morning Minsters' Meeting at 11:00 AM about the "LIGHT it UP" Missions Experience that will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 10 during the GBC Annual Meeting at FBC Woodstock. Please come and bring your questions! Stuart will also be available to answer any questions about Disaster Relief!!

MEN'S PRAYER BREAKFAST, Sat. Oct 17 at Orchard Hills BC with DAVID BARTON, who appeared recently on "HUCKABEE" (FOX) and is an expert on the faith of the founding fathers of the USA! You DO NOT want to miss this. Begins at 8:00 AM!!

Check out the link below to watch the interview on HUCKABEE...

, Tuesday, Oct 20 at Southcrest BC (Walt Sanders Blvd. off Hyw 34 in Newnan). Begins at 4:45 PM with a great meal (catered by Golden's on the Square). The meeting begins at 6:00 PM. Great music! Special speakers are Dr. J. Robert White (GBC) and Rev. Mike Barnes (Rehoboth BC). Each WBA church is encouraged to send their full slate of messengers!

WBA Executive Committee will meet Monday night, October 19 at 7:00 PM at the WBA building.

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