Friday, October 9, 2009

Jesus Christ is King AND He is coming soon!

When was the last prayed or heard someone pray in a worship service or prayer meeting: "Come, Lord Jesus!" ?
That's what John prayed at the end of our Bible - Revelation 22:20.
He wanted Jesus to come back soon!
He was expecting Jesus to come back soon!
He needed Jesus to come back soon.

Do we?

We talk, preach and write a lot about His return...but do we pray for it?

"Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done!" Wow. If that happened, we wouldn't have to worry about restructuring the SBC and GBC, or figure out where the money needs to go, huh?

If Jesus came back, we wouldn't have to worry about being too calvinistic or too armenian, or worry what's going to happen with national healthcare, or the Muslims taking over, or have to worry about our schools and society going to the dogs, or the economy tanking, or Meth and marijuana robbing teenagers and adults of their brains & lives, or Hollywood constantly spewing all its vile and sodomy into our living rooms, or the growing problem with pornography on the Internet, or worry about all the churches that have stopped growing...(When the church cemetery is growing faster than the church...that's a problem!)

If Jesus would come back, and would take over and reign...
well, that would be okay with me!

Do we want Jesus to come back today, right now?
John did.

Do we need Jesus to come back? as King? as Lord? as Master?
John did.

Maybe the reason why Jesus is delaying His return, is because so few are praying for His return.
John did.

I pray that we will tell everyone (1) why Jesus came in the first place and (2) that Jesus is coming back.

It is a biblical prayer: "Come, Lord Jesus!"

What if He came today?

Growing Together for His Glory!

Bro. Wayne

Upcoming Events in the WBA...

MEN'S PRAYER BREAKFAST, Sat. Oct 17 at Orchard Hills BC with DAVID BARTON, who appeared recently on "HUCKABEE" (FOX) and is an expert on the faith of the founding fathers of the USA! You DO NOT want to miss this. Begins at 8:00 AM!!

Check out the link below to watch the interview on HUCKABEE...

, Tuesday, Oct 20 at Southcrest BC (Walt Sanders Blvd. off Hwy)meeting begins at 6:00 PM. Great music! Special speakers are Dr. J. Robert White (GBC) and Rev. Mike Barnes (Rehoboth BC). Each WBA church is encouraged to send their full slate of messengers!

WBA Executive Committee will meet Monday night, October 19 at 7:00 PM at the WBA building.

, Saturday, Oct 24, at FBC Villa Rica, Ga. 9:00 AM - 12:30 AM.

GEORGIA BAPTIST CONVENTION, Nov. 8-10, FBC Woodstock. LoveLoud. Light it UP missions experience.

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